About Upland Hills Kitchen

We are a unique hot lunch program serving the students, staff, and families of Upland Hills School.  We are also excited to partner with our local Lake Orion and Oxford communities to create working relationships around the importance of wholesome nutrition for all. 

What we do: 

**Love is always the main ingredient**

Our hot lunch program is committed to providing nourishing plant centric foods, full of love, meant to be enjoyed with friends.  All entrees are whole grain and we always have vegetarian and gluten free options. Most of our items are dairy free. WE NEVER USE NUT PRODUCTS IN LUNCHES. We are experts at ‘sneaking’ in extra vegetables for nutrition and flavor.  Our produce is organic when available, seasonal, local focused, and always pesticide free. All meat and dairy products are organic when available and always hormone and antibiotic free with an emphasis on quality animal husbandry. 

Why we do it: 

We understand there is a deep connection to what goes into our bodies and how we feel physically, spiritually, and mentally. By creating food from scratch, we are able to support our local farmers and gardens and focus on the quality of the beautiful ingredients.  This is important because local means better community, better food, less waste, less fossil fuel. We are passionate about doing everything we can to sustain the health of our planet for future generations and what better way than to nourish young minds and bodies with the best stuff around. 

A note about allergies: 

In this day and age, food allergies and restrictions are on the forefront of many conversations. Present on restaurant menus and signs everywhere.  (This morning I passed by Burger King and the sign read “Impossible Whopper”) Who knew?! Even scanning recipe ideas on my favorite food blog I notice there are always modifications and substitutions for common items. Here at Upland Hills Kitchen, in our core, we want everyone to be able to enjoy food together.  We understand the community and love flowing through a shared meal with friends new and old. We defend the idea that whether chosen or medically necessary, food choice should be handled with deference and care. This is most evident in our daily menu options. When applicable, you will see vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free options.  This means everyone, whether they have the digestive talents of a goat or will get a rash from making eye contact with cheese, can enjoy the meals we work so diligently to provide. 

We are happy to partner with East River Organic Farm and Upland Hills CSA 

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Let’s work together!

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